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What our clients say.

Up to 2015 we were using the "immoscout24" property website and received 4.4 out of 5 stars in our customer reviews. We have been working independently since 2016 and besides, use our own portals for the sale and rental of real estate. Here is some feedback from our customers:

"I would like to thank you very much for your very competent and dedicated commitment in the conclusion of the transaction for the property Thaerstraße 42. I look forward to another good interaction."
   Mario G. from Berlin

"In the course of my search, I had already had contact with some other brokers and I have to say, nobody was as dedicated and friendly as you were. You kept your promise to call back and send additional pictures, etc. Unfortunately, this is not always the case (as one might expect). Thanks a lot for this."
   Susanne M. from Berlin

"That's very nice of you to think of me. Unfortunately, I had not experienced this in my long search for a flat, so other brokers really should try harder, but my search is over now and I'm moving in on the 1st of February. So you can delete me from your files and I wish you all the best and, above all, successful negotiations in the New Year."
   Gudrun M. from Berlin

"Thank you very much for sending the memo. I hope you are not angry with us that after much deliberation we decided on the other apartment (yes, you were right). That really nice apartment on the 5th floor was, unfortunately, too high for my wife, but many thanks for your efforts. It would be nice if more brokers were like you"
   Niels R. from Berlin

"Thank you so much - as always - a great help to me. You have a really good sense of eager excitement; really, it was like that, I'll keep you informed."
   Lilly S. from Bremen

"We have personally found you to be a very pleasant and capable broker, and in our view, you have done a very good job. Thank you for your dedication. Good luck for the future, and best regards."
   Sascha M. from Berlin

"We have just won the bid for the apartment in Friedrichshain (74m²). We are very happy and wanted to thank you again for the tips and especially for your dry sense of humour - we both enjoyed that. Best regards and good luck with the apartment business."
   Hanna W. & Stephan H. from Berlin

"Many thanks for your message. Rarely, have we received such warm support in our quest for an apartment as we did from you. Thanks again in every way."
   Daniel M. from Berlin